Review: I cured varicose for 5 days!

ADVANTAGES: Fast effect, price, pleasant smell

DISADVANTAGES: Limited quantity

Price of one-time purchase:  1690 ₱

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Hello my Name Is Joyce. Today, finally, I will tell you how I saved my legs from varicose veins.

How varicose veins appeared in my life

Up until 51 years old, I almost didn’t feel my age. I live in a small village. Great joy when my daughter came with her grandchildren to me! Children really enjoyed playing in the fresh air.

At the age of 51, I began to notice that the veins from my legs are becoming more noticeable. At first, not so much, but every month passed by, they were not only visible through the skin, but they also swelled. In addition, I had swollen legs, I had a painful pain, which I could not resist.


Looking for a treatment for varicose veins

I tried everything: Garlic,natural ointments, lemons, ginger, compresses, various pills! But, alas, this did not help! For the sake of my grandsons, I went to the hospital.


What the doctor told me

It amazed me that, looking at my awful feet, the doctor said: “It will be cured very soon!” And he handed me a piece of paper, it was written the name of the product (Varikosette) and the site for this cream! He warned me that in pharmacies and other sites can be fakes!  I immediately ordered this cream.


About this cream

Convenient packaging, pleasant smell! It gently cools the skin, eliminating the sensations of pain and it relaxes the feet. I had to use it in the mornings and evenings.

The result

I used this cream before going to bed! After 10 days of using this cream, the pain completely disappeared, and my legs looked beautiful!

Now I am active again. 🙂 I am glad again to be the grandmother which my children and grandsons see as an equal person to them, and not a helpless one. I take care again of what I like most and I enjoy spending time with my beloved ones.

I ordered here ORDER

Review: I cured varicose for 5 days!
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  • Pleasant smell
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19 Responses

  1. Nicole

    I never believed in products like that. I have tried a lot. But this cream is good at reducing swelling and varicose veins. In general, I recommend ordering it, especially to those who face surgery. Don’t be foolish and don’t go under the knife, try Varikosette first. legs

  2. rose

    Ang tema na ito ay talagang luma, naging sikat ang krema ng mahabang panahon na. Gumaling ang aking ina sa barikos sa mga ugat sa tulong nito sa dalawang taon ng nakakaraan.

  3. Maria

    I started to have varicose veins when I was pregnant. I applied this cream. Then by the time I was due, I felt much better. I recommended it to my mom, so a week later her legs became like they were when she was 30 years old… and she is 60!!! I ordered only from this site , I don’t like to take risks. I trust only official suppliers.

    • maria erlinda mas

      how much it cost for 1ointment varikossete and how many can we consumed before we can seem the results of medication?

      • Maria

        My mother and I were cured quickly enough! How it works for you, I do not know.

  4. Erin

    4 na araw lang at mayroon na akong mga resulta! Ang pamamaga ay nawala, ang aking mga binti ay nagiging mas maganda! Napakasaya ko! legs2

  5. cindy

    Bumili ako nito at nagustuhan ko! Nakatulong sa halos isang linggo. Hindi ko talaga inaasahan ito…Ito ay regalo para sa ilang pera!

  6. kate

    All my friends talk about Varikosette. I even heard my mom saying that someone was completely cured in 8 days! I should definitely try it! I am going to order 🙂

  7. Patricia

    I read this article, pushed “Forward” and placed an order. Can’t wait for the results.

  8. rose guevara

    Order me how much?is there money back if not effective

    • Joyce Panopio

      I didn’t have to return money, because it helped me!

  9. Charito samenada

    How much?
    And how many can i use before seen the result.

  10. coy

    Pag ang varicose mo ba ay sa may binti at medyo malaki may pag asa pa ba daw sya matanggal? Yun pong namamagang ugat?

  11. merlinda v. alcantara

    i want to order but how and where. my daugther and i placed a separate order before and even confirmed if we are really interested to buy. but after replying positively no product has been received.


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