Review: Life without varicose veins!


Advantages: The texture of the cream is thick

Disadvantages: Packing is not very convenient, I like more with dispensers

Price of one-time purchase:  1690 ₱


Girls, I’m only 31 years old, and I already have varicose veins (blue knots on my right leg, starting from the knee)?. The first signs appeared already in 20 years, then the surgeon in the ordinary hospital told me that we need to cut everything out.I refused, because it was scary. Since then, this problem has somehow been forgotten, simply lubricated with gels, sometimes wore special dressings and all that. All this was not effective. I began to hide my legs, a figure under long clothes! Men stopped looking at me!

After countless attempts to heal varicose veins I completely lost my hope. I was even ready for a surgery, but there was no assurance that it would help. Suddenly I got an unexpected decision. My friend visited me and accidentally saw my legs under the robe. She was furious that I kept it from her, because she could help.

She threw me a link to Varikosette! I ordered! I want to say that I did not regret it. Packing is not very convenient, I like more with dispensers. The texture of the cream is thick. A few drops are enough for the whole leg. The smell is neutral! Color is light!


You may not believe me, but the next day I felt lightness of the cooling effect. Earlier I had my legs burning at work, but then even veins were not so swollen. I continued to use the treatment every day and was pleased to see the changes.

In 3 days my veins stopped to swell that much and even the spider veins became lighter. A week later my legs were absolutely different.

Varicose veins almost disappeared, and spider veins became unrecognisable.

I cannot tell you HOW happy am I looking at my BEAUTIFUL LEGS!

Now I am ready to wear revealing clothes. And the men are looking at me now! ?

I ordered here ORDER


Review: Life without varicose veins!
  • The texture of the cream is thick
  • Packing is not very convenient, I like more with dispensers
4.8Overall Score

17 Responses

  1. Jeff

    My wife also applied this cream. Of course, I laughed at her at first as nothing really worked before … However, the result is stunning. I admit, I was wrong. She looks and feels great. I decided to try it too, I want to remove my veins too. legs4

  2. grace

    Kumusta kayo, ang krema ay magara. Nawala ang sakit sa 1 linggo.

  3. Camille

    Alam ko din ang tungkol sa Varikosette na ito. Sa wakas tumigil na sa pagrereklamo ang sakit sa binti ng aking tiyahin)))) legs5

  4. Jane

    Astig na bagay, ang aking mga binti ay maganda at malusog!!! Inihatid ang pakete sa 4 na araw btw.

  5. felix

    2 weeks ago a friend recommended me to buy this anti-varicose cream. I started applying it! So far, the effect is above praise. In 4 days almost all varicose veins were gone, can ‘t wait what will happen in 3 more days :-)))

  6. angelica

    Now, almost the entire world is using this particular cream, which means it really works))) I will probably order it too. I have an urgent need to get rid of varicose veins before one important trip!! I will write about my results later.


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