Review: New cream – minus 15 years without botox!

ADVANTAGES: Fast effect, Nice smell, Suitable for all skin types

DISADVANTAGES: Limited quantity, There are many fakes.

Price of one-time purchases: 1990 ₱

I ordered Goji Cream here: GOJI CREAM order

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer. And recently I learned one story.

Japanese folk artists are known not only for their performances, but also for the fact that they look very young. The popularity of products for the body, face and hair, made in Japan, is growing every day. The key to the success of Japanese production is modern scientific development, ancient traditions, organic ingredients and, most importantly, their effectiveness!

Women in Japan live on average 85 years. It is very difficult to determine how old Japanese woman is. The secret is hidden in the cosmetics used by them.

View these photos:

Mayumi Anastassio, a housewife, was born in 1979. She has 2 children. His eldest daughter is 17 years old! Mayumi – 38 years old!

During one of the interviews, Mayumi said that over the past 10 years she once a week uses a special product – GOJI CREAM which replaces creams and lifting aids. It can be obtained at dispensaries and special institutions, because Mayumi’s husband is a scientist working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, it was this company that introduced this product. After the first application, Mayumi liked Goji cream, so she started using it every day and became younger almost every day! The effect is incredible!

And now GOJI CREAM is also available in the Philippines! The beauty product passes all the necessary tests, which showed 100% positive results of using a face cream.

But I found feedback from experts:

Hendina Patubo, MD – an experienced cosmetologist:

GOJI CREAM provides a positive result for the regeneration of face and neck. In most women after 25 years, wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes and lips, as well as less beautiful nasolabial folds. At this age, the injection does not make any sense and can harm the health, while the cream works surprisingly to eliminate aesthetic problems. I recommend.

Tony Gauraan, certified dermatologist, cosmetologist (more than 12 years of practice)

Recently, our laboratory studies conducted an unusual study involving 100 women over 35 years of age. They all have the same problems: deep nasolabial folds, wrinkles and lines around the eyes and lips, as well as a dull complexion. During the week, each of them was offered to apply Goji’s cream on the face and neck. Results amaze: 100% of women have smooth wrinkles, and their complexion is healthy and radiant!

Based on many years of personal experience, I can say that the lifting effect of the cream is simply wonderful. Before its appearance, without plastic surgery or super-active injections, such a result is almost impossible to achieve! Japanese scientists and doctors have once again proved that they are the best! I recomend GOJI CREAM for women after 35 years as an important weekly skin care.


After all these reviews, I decided to order this cream, only from the official site!

Modern composition: Vitamin A, reduces the activity of glands, moisturizes the skin, reduces the spread of small holes, smoothes and forms the skin of the skin. Moisturizes the skin, protects against dryness. Vitamin C strengthens the immune defense and works as an antioxidant, which protects the skin from bacteria. Vitamin PP (B3) improves blood circulation. This vitamin is very important for cell regeneration. Vitamin K accelerates the formation of connective tissue and smoothes the skin.


I’m delighted with this subtle and simultaneous technological approach to skin care products. I personally can add that the cream has an aroma that attracts any woman. I recommend as the main skin care for women of any age.

Good luck to all!

Review: New cream - minus 15 years without botox!
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fast effect
  • Nice smell
  • There are many fakes
  • Limited quantity
4.6Overall Score

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  1. Kate

    I used this cream when I was in South Korea, where it is very popular and I really like it!

  2. Sara

    I bought it, and I really liked it! I use it for 2 weeks, it’s really a rejuvenating cream !!!


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