Review: Now I do not need botox with this cream

ADVANTAGES: Fast effect, Nice smell, Suitable for all skin types

DISADVANTAGES: Limited quantity, There are many fakes.

Price of one-time purchases: 1990 ₱

I ordered Goji Cream here:    ORDER

Hello girls, maybe boys. Has decided to make a review on revitalizing cream Goji Cream. This cream I bought on the Internet for 1990 ₱. I want to say right away that this cream can be used for all skin types.

About me:

I am 47 years old, I am a mother of three children, and I have obvious age changes on my face. Ie wrinkles, be they damned))) I have a mixed skin type. It was difficult for me to choose a face cream, and if I found it, then it did not help me at all. I also used various home masks, such as: Sugar with lemon, aloe, cottage cheese, various fruits. Everything is useless, but I must say that it sometimes helped to soften the skin.

But I needed to get rid of wrinkles. I was scared to look in the mirror, I saw an old woman there, and it frightened me. I decided to persuade her husband to make me Botox. But he did not agree. Said it was too expensive. Therefore I had to look for another solution. So I found Goji Cream. Often heard about this cream, both positive and negative reviews. But dropping deeper, I learned that this cream has many fakes, because of this, often write negative reviews. I found the official site of Goji Cream and ordered myself. In addition, there was a 50% discount.

After a week of use, I noticed that the wrinkles became smaller and the skin softer. I looked younger for a few years, that’s for sure) Now I do not need botox with this cream.) It’s not surprising that the cream is so popular, and it has many fakes, so be careful, I’ll leave here links to the official website on which I ordered myself GojiCream.


I apply Goji Cream for the night every day, applying a thin layer and rubbing in smooth circular motions. After 10 minutes, I completely wash off the cream.


It consists of natural ingredients, the main one being the goji berry. This is a very useful berry, including for removing wrinkles.


I recommend this cream to all women, I do not even know who it will not suit, just be careful, do not stumble upon a fake.

Review: Now I do not need botox with this cream
  • Fast effect
  • Nice smell
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Limited quantity
  • There are many fakes
4.8Overall Score

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  1. Lucy Biton

    I want to order this cream (Godjie) How do I pay it.

  2. Connie garcia aguirre

    Ok read the good qualities of the cream so i want yo try

  3. corazon janiola

    how many days it will be delivered after we order?


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