Review: Tiny tube changed my whole life! I look young again!

ADVANTAGES: Quick and powerful effect, Pleasant smell, Suitable for all skin types, Easy to use

DISADVANTAGES: Limited quantity, Friends envy me:)

Price of one-time purchases: 1990 ₱

I ordered Goji Cream here: Click to Order

Mahal na mga babae! I want to tell you about my experience that totally changed my whole life. I hope it will help another women who have such problems!

Wrinkles destroyed my life! So I kicked them out from my skin!

     Kumusta aking mga kaibigan! I’m Denisa and this is my real story. I used to had a lot of problems with my skin and it’s quite normal at the age of 39. There were a bunch of wrinkles and ugly stains on my face and neck. These horrible things appeared with ages! My skin wasn’t young any longer. But I wanted to be pretty again! I wanted to attract my husband’s attention as in my youth. Because I’m woman and deserve it.

     At the age of 29 I was really attractive woman with beautiful young face and perfect skin. A lot of men wanted to be with me. But I’ve chosen someone special. My husband was about 11 years younger. I didn’t see any problem with this gap. Only advantages, if you understand what I mean 😉

     But now after the birth of two children, I noticed that my husband have lost interest in me. He even didn’t want to hug me. He looked way better than me, because he was still young enough. At one day he said that I should wear closed dresses to hide my aged body. I was smashed by his words.

This is photo of our marriage

My husband Jim. April 2016

     Sinubukan ko ang maraming mga pampaganda. Popular and expensive remedies, even homemade ones. Unfortunately all my attempts were in vain. My skin was saggy, aged and wrinkled. It was a real disaster! I was already despaired. But then my best friend advised me new remedy – Goji Cream. Yeah, I know nothing about it for that moment and at first I did not trust it.

     It was just natural cream with simple components.  Of course I didn’t believe that this little thing could do anything good to my skin. But this tiny tube of white cream was my last hope. So I decided to try it.

     Iyan ang binabasa ko tungkol sa Goji Cream:




The skin becomes effectively moisturized and toned up not only on the surface, like after using any other cream;

Plant extracts penetrate deep into the pores favourably influencing your skin cells;

Natural vitamins extracted from goji berries nourish the skin making it more elastic, soft and velvety;

The effect is durable. No contraindications and restrictions; The cream does not affect the skin even if used for a long time.

It activates natural collagen production by the deeper layers of the skin, with Goji cream the skin regains its elasticity and youth in a record short time!


     Sounds hopefully, isn’t it? 

     At first I searched a lot of information about it and found that I could order really original cream only at this store. Beware of fakes! To my surprise, cost was not so high and seller give me a 40% discount for the first order!

Photo of my first Goji Cream tube!

     I applied cream to the most problem areas. Basically I tried it 30-40 min before sleep and in the morning before breakfast. It was rather quick and pleasant procedure. Only 5-10 min at a time. I should notice that this cream have lovely smell and quickly absorbed into skin. I have no allergy to it, so this is a huge plus.

Wrinkles disappeared from my face! Salamat sa Diyos!

     Two weeks later I noticed that my skin changed. There was a really big difference. I was so much amazed! My skin became smoother, younger and noticeably taut. Wrinkles – 50% less noticeable! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a miracle. But I still had a lot of skepticism about these wonderful effect. Although I thought it was just temporary effect, I continued to use the cream.

     One month later I was shocked! Wrinkles on face totally disappeared. Skin was so soft and pleasant. But the best thing was to see the reaction of my husband.

My new look after 1 month of Goji Cream use

It’s me now! No one say that I’m 39! Photo made in September, 2017

     As usual I was cooking dinner in the kitchen. My husband entered the room, came up to me, hugged me and said something like “Honey, mukhang maganda ka! Sa tingin ko tumingin ka kasing ganda ng noong ikaw ay 25“. How long I have been waiting these words! Napakaganda! God bless Goji Cream and it’s creators! He finally paid attention to me. That was a huge victory for me! So Goji Cream saved my marriage and my life. I sure recommend this cream to my friends and to everyone who want to be young again.

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Review: Tiny tube changed my whole life! I look young again!
Goji Cream is a real miracle! I use it everyday and now I look like model!
Ease of use
Speed of results
Volume of tube
  • Low price (in comparison with competitors)
  • Very high quality
  • Fast results
  • Volume is big so one tube is enough for two people
  • Beware of fake cream! Order only in special store.
4.8Overall Score

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