My husband cured parasites and bad breath!

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I am 34 years old. I want to tell you today how my husband was cured of parasites and bad breath! We were treated with folk remedies:

Calamus: Calamus can also be used as a home cure for intestinal worms. The powdered root can be used for this purpose.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an excellent home remedy for intestinal worms. Dry powder or juice of turmeric mixed in butter milk or water is highly beneficial for intestinal problem, especially chronic diarrhea.

Ash gourd: Shelled seeds of ash gourd promote tissue growth, especially when taken with coconut milk. This is specially effective for eliminating tapeworms.

Papaya: Papaya seeds are very useful in treating and eliminating intestinal worms. Caricin which is effective in eliminating roundworms is present in ample quantity in papaya seeds. Powder the seeds and add one teaspoon of this powder in a cup of milk or water and drink on empty stomach in the morning, daily. Papaya leaves are also useful for treating intestinal worms. Make an infusion by taking 15grams of dry leaves and add about 250ml of boiling water to it. Add honey to it before drinking.

One tablespoon of fresh unripe papaya juice and equal quantity of honey mixed with three tablespoons of hot water can be taken to treat roundworms. If this is administered to adults, this should be followed by a dose of 30 to 60ml of castor oil mixed in 250ml of lukewarm milk after two hours. For children of seven to ten years of age, half of the dosage is sufficient and for children below three years, one tablespoon of this dosage is sufficient.

Close up of a halved papaya seeds

Cloves: Cloves have many antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-parasitic characteristics. They help to eliminate parasite spores and flush intestinal worms from the body. Cloves have also been found to improve your resistance to future infection

Black Walnut: Drinking the concentrated juice of unripe hulls of black walnut helps in getting rid of intestinal worms. They are mostly used in cases of ringworm.

Thanks to these funds, my husband cured parasites and bad breath!

My husband cured parasites and bad breath!
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